Your Photoshoot Experience

First and Foremost

Due to past events in the photographer community, I am making a statement to my past, present, and future clients regardless of session type.  I am a photographer who values your comfort.  I want you to feel safe when we meet, during our shoot, and after our session.  At no point will I argue with you or attempt to persuade you if you state that you do not feel comfortable with the environment whether it has anything to do with me or not.  It is my job, it is my professionalism to make sure you feel heard and are respected.  I would never intentionally put you in a position that when you leave, you leave feeling anything less than the same level of excitement.  I am a professional and I extend that professionalism to you at all times.  I respect who you are.  I respect what we are trying to accomplish together.  I respect the art.

Booking a photoshoot is an exciting time for you. I understand that the shoot itself can be intimidating for many.  For whatever your reason, I assure you, many have been in your shoes.  We all face self-doubt and think how you will look or will you be comfortable in front of a camera.  You may think that I’m not model material, my body is not the right size I want to be, I don’t have the right clothing, I’m too short, or think you are too young or too old. The truth of the matter, being in front of a camera can be all of these and more.  As a photographer, I will talk with you long before you step in front of the camera.  During this time and up to the day of your photoshoot, you will have the trust and confidence in me and yourself so you can have a great experience.

Ken Hobbes Photography specializes in creating the ultimate photoshoot experience by making each and everyone of my clients feel safe and secure.  In your photoshoot, I will inspire confidence and empower you to be the best version that you are.  I understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, which can be intimidating whether you have been in front of the camera or not.  Rest assured, when I photograph you, I will make you feel like the beautiful, handsome.  I empower and challenge you to see the same.  I guarantee that when you see your photos, you will see a side of you may not have thought possible.

Before the Shoot

When you book your photoshoot, we will setup either an in-person or phone consultation.  I prefer in-person for the initial meet because it is at that time we can begin to build trust and establish a face-to-face relationship prior to the shoot.  If an in-person meet is not possible, we can schedule a FaceTime/Zoom meeting.  It is during this time, we will discuss your goals and what your photoshoot means to you whether you are doing the photoshoot for yourself, a modeling agency, your portfolio, or just something you have wanted to do.  Whatever your reason, it will help me establish and understanding so I can further provide an incredible experience all the way through the process.

The initial meeting will help establish a number of things:

  1. Most importantly, we will begin to know each other prior to the shoot.  This is important because it establishes trust between you and I, allowing us to build a rapport so when the day of the shoot arrives, we can focus on you.
  2. Finalize the date and time of the shoot.  Weekends are best, but weekdays can be arranged if weekends are completely unavailable to you.
  3. Identify the location of the shoot.  I typically shoot in the studio, but offer on location shoots in the Las Cruces, NM or El Paso, TX area.  They tend to offer the best amenities and backgrounds to accommodate a classy and elegant photoshoot. I am open to photograph you in your home or location of your choosing.
  4. We will discuss makeup artist and hair stylist options. When we schedule your session, I will also schedule your professional makeup and hair appointment either the same or next day and provide you the information.  
  5. Discuss wardrobe options.  I do not provide a wardrobe for different reasons.  We can discuss different options you have available.
  6. Discuss who will be at the photoshoot.  I realize safety is of utmost concern for both of us.  I am not against you bringing someone with you if you wish to assist you as necessary, but remember this is your shoot, your moment and my focus will be on you.  You are also welcome to reach out to any of the models I photographed and speak with them about their experience with me.
  7. Posing in a photoshoot can be intimidating specially if you have never done it before or have limited experience.  I will discuss with you different posing ideas and provide you resources to look at various posses for your shoot.
  8. Ask and answer questions either of us may have.  This is an opportunity to discuss anything about the shoot before, during, and after.

In my work, I value communication and professionalism. After the initial meeting, we will remain in contact throughout the entire process to freely discuss anything about the shoot. Again, my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible and have trust and confidence not only in yourself, but me as well.

The Day of the Shoot

This is a big day!  In my eyes, the entire day from makeup and hair to the end of the shoot is all about you.  I will do everything I can to make the day go as smooth as possible as not to interfere with your photoshoot.  Everyone is always nervous when I first start photographing.  To ease this somewhat, I will begin taking head shots or Portraits of you before the main photoshoot begins.  I find this helps with any butterflies and helps relax you before moving on to different wardrobe options. To also help you relax, I will show you untouched photos I take and show you how great you are directly from the camera.  By the end of the shoot, you will have the confidence and sense of empowerment you may never thought you had.

  1. Your day will begin with spending about 45 minutes with a professional makeup artist that I use and trust.
  2. After makeup, I will meet you at the photoshoot location.  I will provide assistance in helping you with any items you brought with you i.e., wardrobe photoshoot location, and any accessories.
  3. Once the photoshoot begins, I will provide guidance and posing to help create professional quality photographs.


Posing can be awkward specially if you never posed in front of a camera, I will not lie. When you are in front of the camera, do not worry about the ‘perfect pose’.  Some of my best pictures are when people are in transition from one pose to another because it is such a natural state.  Nonetheless, no matter what your experience level is with posing, I am there to help you.  I will pose you so you look flattering and beautiful in each photo.  As a photographer, I usually get sore from the various position I get in to get the incredible shots of you.  As you get more comfortable, I welcome the freedom to be use your own style in your poses as well.  There are may sources from YouTube to photographer websites to give an idea of the poses typically seen in a photoshoot.

After the Shoot

After your photoshoot, I will begin post/retouching of the photos and provide you samples no less than 4 days after the shoot. I will provide a source for you to review all the retouched photos and provide an opportunity to purchase additional photos if you wish.