Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to pose?

No!  I understand this may be your first time in front of a camera or in a fashion photoshoot.  No matter what your experience level, I will assist you.  I will be able to tell you how to pose, where to look, what to do with your arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet.  Remember, every model you see in magazines, instagram, Facebook, or any other medium was once where you are now. Through guidance and instruction from me, I will make you look incredible.

Do you share my images?

Every client will sign a model release form so we know the level of privacy you prefer.  These are your photos and I will keep them 100% private.  However, I encourage you to let me use the photos on my website and social media to further encourage other woman to feel the same level of empowerment you will feel after the shoot; more importantly, when you see your photos at the reveal.  However, I will respect your privacy if you would like your images to stay private.

I’m nervous about being in front of a camera!

I assure you, nearly everyone I photographed has been nervous on some level.  This is why I like to meet you before the day of the shoot so we can establish a personal knowledge and familiarity with each other.  A majority of people I photograph are women.  Each with their own confidence and insecurities challenges. I do everything I can to ease any nervousness you may feel and give you the confidence you have inside.  When I start a session with you and work my way all the way through the end, you will see a natural progression of confidence building in all your photos.  This in of itself is an awakening.  Additionally, I start all my session with headshots and natural poses to help you find your moment.

How long is a photoshoot, really?

A Your Moment session states 2.5 hours.  However, I can go over this time with no additional charge to you.  I feel photographing in the moment and not time is essential.  A number of factors determine the actual time of the session.  The factors include lighting, comfortability, in the moment opportunities and other factors.  I do not want to be going strong getting great photos and stop because we are 2.5 hours into the session.  Your session is about you and I want to get great photos of you!

I don’t know how I feel about a male photographer.

This is a common statement in many male photographer sessions. Your safety and well-being is my utmost concern. Additionally, I understand the additional nervousness of a male photographer taking photographs of you in some of your most intimate moments. First, I am professional and an artist.  I take my work very seriously and you will see that from our first meeting all the way through the end of the photo session.  During your session, I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and confident to get the best version of you in the photos I take.  You are welcome to checkout my Instagram @kenhobbesphotography and reach out to anyone I’ve photographed and speak to them directly about any of my photoshoots as a reference.  I’ve built up my credibility and professionalism as a photographer from all the people I’ve photographed and I would not do anything to jeopardize that.

Do you only shoot in southern New Mexico and Western Texas?

The short answer is no, I am willing to travel outside my normal operating area to provide you with an incredible photo session.  However, depending on the location we will have to discuss travel arrangements in advance, which will be covered by you specially, if air travel and lodging is required.

What are the payment options?

The initial consultation is complimentary to discuss the photoshoot.  When you book a date and time, upon complete payment, I will deliver the photos to you.  I accept cash, CashAPP, Apple Pay, and PayPal.  If you choose to order additional items, I will accept payment for those items upon delivery.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?

I understand life events happen and you may have to cancel or reschedule your session.  In the event of cancellation, I will cancel your appointment, however, any amount that has been paid is non-refundable. I hope we can plan something in the future.  If you have to reschedule your session, we can do that.  I will check my schedule and find a time that is best for both of us.

Who is your biggest competitor?

Great question.  To be honest, my greatest and only competitor is myself. There are many great photographers in the area with varying rates for a photo session, but I don’t see them as my competitor, because each photographer is different and applies his or her own style and touch to the work.  I am the same way with my work.  As I continue to take photographs of the many great people who come to me, I always try to improve myself.  I always try to challenge myself to be a better version of me so the end result are quality photos for the people who hire me to do great work.

What do you do with the photographs after a photo session?

After retouching and providing the photos to you, I mainly archive the photos for potential future use in my own marketing on social media platforms and print publications/magazines.


How much photo retouching do you do?

I look at every photo I take in your session.  In that process, I will do minor retouching to address lighting, coloring, and retouch different elements that makes your photos stand out where necessary, but I will not over edit.  I will retouch things like skin smoothing, scare removal (if desired) and other elements that may take away from your beauty.  With each photo, I assess the mood and tone of the photo.  I will look at your photo in color and black and white to see which better matches those elements.  In some cases, it looks equally beautiful and will create a picture with in both ways.

What do I wear? Do you provide outfits?

I will not dictate what you wear, but during our initial consult, I will make suggestions.  This will depend greatly on the type of shoot you want. We will discuss this and I will provide examples of these styles in our consult. The initial set of photos can be a dress, skirt/shirt, jeans, shorts or anything that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  During this time is a great time to do headshots of you, which will help you get more comfortable for the remainder of the shoot.

I do not provide outfits right now, but I will provide samples of photos to give you a general idea of what to wear which may include some items in your existing wardrobe or help you purchase something for the shoot.

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

Yes! However, I recommend and include a professional hair and makeup artist in the Your Moment session because the day of our shoot is about you with a little pampering and for you to really enjoy the entire moment. I use a professional makeup artist who I have worked on in many of my projects.  I use a professional makeup artist because she understands the photographic elements I need to make your face more beautiful.  In your session, I like to use a lot of natural light and shadows to highlight your features of your entire body.  Having the right balance of makeup will accentuate your facial features and make you stand out in all your photos.

I’m not a size 0, 2, 4, 6 etc, can you still make me look good?

Yes!  Size does not matter!  I want to highlight your own beauty and I can pose you and using lighting to address any insecurities you may have.  People, women in particular, think that you have to be super thin modeling in front or the camera.  Honestly, a majority of the woman I photograph are not super model thin.  They are everyday people that have curves, hips, different size and shape bodies.  Remember, my photographs of you are to make you see your own beauty and the beauty I see in every photograph.  What I do is empowering you and giving you or improving your confidence through my work.  a Your Moment photo session is about you and I will make you feel like the beautiful woman you are, inside and out.

Where is your studio located?

Everywhere!  I do have a studio located at 1105 E. Yandell, El Paso, TX. I can also do the photoshoot in your own home or location in and around Las Cruces, NM and EL Paso, TX.

When do you schedule your shoots?

A vast majority of my shoots are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I realize people may work and the weekend offers the most flexibility to schedule the shoot.  In special circumstances, I can do a weekday photoshoot, but this will have to be planned at least a week in advance.

A photoshoot usually starts in makeup at 11:00 am with photographing starting about noon followed by meeting on location for the shoot.  I find that natural day light during this time offers the greatest lighting for your shoot.  If these times are not feasible for you, we can shoot later in the day or evening.  I will use my own portable lighting to achieve similar affects of natural light.

Can I bring someone to the shoot?

Yes, you can bring someone with you to the shoot, but remember, this is Your Moment. I do request that you inform me of the guest before the shoot and please limit to one person.  This moment is for you and some of the intimate nature of your session may cause additional nervousness or impact how you pose when someone else is in the session.  Saying that, if you do bring someone with you, I recommend they are not in the room or location that may interfere with your session.  Along the same lines, I will not have anyone with me during the shoot.  This session is about you and me the photographer and the moment we are trying to create that empowers you.

What if I do not like my photos?

Although the rare possibility exist, I highly doubt you will feel this way.  Every woman has a level of expectation of what they will look like when they see the photos, but I assure you, you will be absolutely pleased how they turn out.  I pride myself of many things.  One of those things is the quality of results.  Lastly, there is no obligation to buy additional photos or options.  I will show you the results and you can make your own determination for yourself, but I think you will absolutely love the results.

I don’t know what I don’t know.

If this is your first photoshoot, you may not know what you do not know. I encourage you to reach out.  I tried to address the most common questions asked about a photoshoot, but I understand you may have additional questions.  Please feel free to contact me.  My goal is to address everything about the photo shoot I can to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.

What other types of photoshoots do you do?

This a great question!  When I first started out in professional photography, I photographed cars. Then I expanded my portfolio and photographed fashion shows, models, large scale events (GALAs), commercial, portraits, professional headshots, and boudoir.  As a professional photographer, I can adapt to a lot of photographic moments.  I can do engagement sessions, maternity sessions, graduation photos, pets and many more. If any of these interest you, we can discuss other opportunities.

Do you do multiple people in a single sessions?

Yes! Although, I have photographed individual people as well as groups of 2-7 in a single session. However, depending on which option package you choose, the total number of photos delivered will remain the same.  For example, Option 1 includes 5 photos which is included in the pricing.  There would be an additional charge of $50 for five additional images for that option. Please feel each to reach out to me and we can discuss this further.

Do you offer discounts?

I do offer a 20% discount for military and first responders.  Being a former military man myself, I greatly value what they do for our country, state, and city.

Do you do commercial photography?

Yes!  I’ve done quite a few.  Most notably and recently, I’ve done four ad campaigns for Macy’s Department store in El Paso.  I’ve done work for Porsche, Audi, BMW, GMC, Mini all in the El Paso, TX area.  I’ve also done work for local business owners, El Paso Galas, El Paso Fashion Week, and El Paso New Car Dealership Association.  I’ve worked with Estella Casas for Children’s Hospital of El Paso Telethon.

Have you ever been published in any magazines?

Quite humbly, yes I have. I have been published in over 20 fashion magazines since March 2020 nationally and internationally as well as recognized on a number of Instagram fashion feeds/stories.  Most recently, KIDFASH Magazine identified me as a ‘Select’ photographer to photograph children for print in their magazine.